Broken bubble

‘And systems that do not adjust for these realities can end up exacerbating rather than eliminating error’                               – ‘Complications’ by Atul Gawande
Never ever have I found a line more complete in its explanation of the culture around us. May it be the education , political or the social system. A single pattern so recurrently seen across all platforms.As humans we’ve hardwired it into our brain to concentrate more on the mistakes that caused a particular event to occur rather than on the fact that we might be the cause itself. We find it extremely difficult to realize what went wrong. Something as simple as not scoring good enough in a test. And this being a simple example we’ve all experienced since we were kids. Always blaming it on either the teacher or the questions being tough.And such explainations being easily accepted by those around us.Basically anything outside our circle of influence was seen as a reason good enough. Giving rise to a culture of denial. Hence leading to a set routine to counter any failure that we might find in the near future. For all of us grow into adults based on this very well practiced belief. That we did not succeed because somebody didn’t want us too. Or someone was partial. Or we blame the resources available. But never once do we stop ourselves and ask what if we ourselves were not competent enough.
That the reason lies within.There are a million reasons I can conjure for this. Lack of self confidence, belief, the fact that others around you do the same ; to name a few among many. However the most important one remains that we find it easier to believe that things outside our circle of influence control our life more than we do. We find it easier to sit shotgun rather than take the driver’s seat of our own life. The burden of accepting your own mistake is too heavy to take a risk altogether sometimes. This is how we have grown. And exactly what separates the best from the average. Many people might accept that they were wrong. But what did they do to make that right wrong ?Most people store this for future reference and eventually forget all about it. And the best in the group will sit down and work on this same mistake until it remains one no more. It’s this constant motivation that fuels them. Even when they might know that they’re the best of the lot. The other half of this story has a more bleak end. People spend hours concentrating on the failures that took place. But do nothing about it. Letting themselves being caught in this vicious cycle. And this eventually lead to an accumulation of failures that has brought down not just individuals but well functioning organisations too. To understand the impact of this on the global level is both devastating as well as beyond our means. We refuse to learn anything from our history. And those who do either their voices are muffled or not heard enough. Worsening the scenario are those who besides not wanting to learn are turning a deaf to the tribulations of someone who might be genuinely trying. Because all we see is that he is succeeding and I’m not. The reason behind it is what we fail to see. And we could go the common way and blame poverty or the lack of resources for this. But the sad truth is that this is the reality of a well educated global citizen. Living in an urban literate bubble trying to make it bigger than the one next to his/hers. The biggest question that surrounds us it that- Is there a solution in sight or is it a lost cause?


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