Impressioning perceptions

A really vivid memory struck me this morning.I remember being in 6th grade and had started reading history for the first time. For the very first time I heard about Kalidas’s Shakuntala. Finding it hard to learn my mother told me something that would make me remember it for the rest of my life. It turned out that my nani’s name was Shakuntala. And for the first time I realised that nani had a personality beyond the one I  knew. She was much more than the person who coddled and spoilt me. It was a revelation in itself to believe that there was a side to her beyond the one I knew. That she had once gone to college, had friends, been young and still raised an entire family. The might be a random grazing thought but isn’t it how life works.
Our impressions and perceptions are an entanglement of our interactions with that person. But there are stories and sides to people that we can never even begin to comprehend. People they’ve met,places that  they travelled and the mistakes they made. It will always be in their hands to decide what we get know. But this doesn’t mean you lose the chance to come face to face who they are really. Take a step slower. Ask how they’re day was, what they do ,why they do. You’ll be surprised to know the things you’ll discover.
And this brings us to the question “What do you want to be remembered by”
Don’t let the answer to this question be an achievement or an end year target. Because then you’ll be spouting facts that will be one day forgotten. Be remembered by something that defines you. Like coffee. Or the colour blue. Or the huge smile that you carried around. Be a happy memory. And make others a happy one. Listen to the unspoken stories and carve your own.


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