So 203456 minutes ago I smiled at you. Now you believe that I’m in love with you. Congratulations darling. Welcome to the world of right signals, left signals,wrong signals and everything in between. Being a modern day girl is just not working in my favour these days. I smile, I say hi and the next thing I know there are wedding cards getting printed and kids name being decided. I’m as approachable as approachable could get. I’m a thorough extrovert. But just because I talk to you doesn’t mean I want to be romantically linked to you.
Whenever such shit took place in my life the first thing I ever questioned was ” What did I do”. But after serious retrospection all I can say is that sweetie I did nothing wrong. Neither did you dear reader. Don’t let some dumbass’s view get you down. Remember at the heart of this is the basic fact that someone somewhere is trying project their feelings on you. Don’t get pushed. Moreover by the end of the day he’ll remain who he is. Alone and still far away from you.
But my one genuine question is that why being a nice person who cares is always taken as unnatural behaviour. Are we that animalistic these days? Especially if it’s with the opposite sex. Also some people need to realize that every individual has a life beyond other humans. Definitely me.
Yes this is a rant. I’ve been here once, twice and a million more times. Until I say it to your face that I like you, I don’t . Deal with it. If I sit on your lap and kiss you and then say I don’t like you, that’s when I’m wrong. But I’m not doing that. Or most of the girls around us. So stop blaming misinterpreted feminine signals for your sorry state of mind.
Also I would prefer if my views are not countered with the argument that all guys are not like that. I know that . But why does every male take it upon himself to be a crusader for his gender. If you’re not wrong then have the confidence to not trip over every argument against you.
I’m done with this monoply. If a girl says no. Doesn’t like you until she says otherwise, then please show some basic respect and take it in your stride .


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