Male monopoly and love shenanigans

What do you get when you take morning coffee , two besties and a million other experiences in store? An epiphany that makes us women realize how we play into the hands of the male population and their preferences.We’ve all at some point liked someone enough to actually assume a probable future. Armed with our gang of friends every other turn is taken as an oppurtunity. But it usually comes laced with words like “be careful” , “don’t trust easily” , “take your time”. There is an underlying sense of protection and caution with all such cases.

Whereas if we look at our male counterparts the story often takes a different turn. The usual gang of friends is present but it’s naturally assumed that the guy should pursue the girl. So there will be a hundred subtle introductions which might work many a times. If we look closely most of the relationships around us are the ones where the guy noticed the girl first. It is just believed that the girl in question will drift along this path and there will be the expected happy ending. At the basic level it means our choices in love are usually decided by the male species , unconsciously or consciously.The most common scenario is that “he likes you, he’s nice ..Why don’t you give it a try”, even if the girl has absolutely no intentions in pursuing it.Whereas the same thing is never said to a guy when a girl might show even a slight liking. It’s dealt like an everyday stat.

But when this path is not taken then what? If it’s a girl getting brushed off by the guy the usual reaction is a bit of disappointment but head loads of support and motivation to move forward and take it in her stride.When this happens to a guy his first reaction is how he could actually make it work.More often than not words like “friendzoned” are used by men even though in reality the amount of women rejected in the light of friendship is much more.Its just expected for women to wrap up all the emotions around them and act in a socially acceptable way. For men our expectations are bit different even in the case of rejection. Hence common terms used for women could be “crazy ex-girlfriend” , “psycho”. Whereas for men our acceptance threshold is much more. So much so that a much worse experience will trigger a girl for calling out a guy like that.It’s ingrained in our mind about how modern day relationships work , so much so that we fail to notice even the smallest faults when dealing with it.

This is not essentially a bad thing or a good one. The only change that needs to come is that girls can be a bit more convicted about their choices and men a bit more flexible to accept no as an option. High time we changed the rules of the game!

All the views presented are personal and not meant to hurt any sentiments. Would love some counter views but keep the negativity away.


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