10 Types of Instagram users we come across everyday

This article is based on the writer’s views. It is a work of humor based on reality. It is not meant to criticize or harm someones sentiments.

 1.The social butterfly

Now this person seems to be at every event held across the city. It may be concerts, cafe openings, book launches, airport sightings, lunches, brunches, coffee evenings, midnight walks and every other possible space where you can update.Their account is a living diary with literally each and every moment accounted for. With equally perfect lighting and companions they make us normal fledglings question our instagram existence.

2.The I’m in love and I want everyone on Instagram to like it

There are various ways to make people aware about that someone oh so special on instagram. It usually includes candid shots of coffee cups and an equally nonchalant quote by some poet we’ve never heard of.This slowly progresses to group snaps with others being mercilessly cropped.And then the big one.The valentine’s day special.With hearts, roses ,chocolates and teddies.Oh and also the huge message with comments from the best friend. Aww much?

3.The self proclaimed nature lover

This account has super pretty pictures and we never get to know how they actually make it look that fabulous.Trees, mountains,dogs, abandoned trails, rivers, sunset they literally capture it all.So I decided to observe such a person to see how the picture gets clicked  that perfectly.Well turns out that there are 45 other pictures rejected in the album.Also the perfect filter. And *poof* we have the perfect click to like!

4.The best friend

Now this person’s sole motive in life is to embarrass his/her friends online. They will post pictures of you eating , sleeping , sneezing and any other equally distressful situation. They also usually tag you on random posts online.But then again you love them to the core to give back an equally sassy remark.

5. Mr./Ms.Long post

These posts usually have excruciatingly long messages attached to them which most of us usually skip and like it as it is.It has some philosophical note about life which makes you question your own intellectual capabilities.Making it worse is the fact that it’s usually posted by people younger then you.

6. The #tb dude

The entire account is a throwback to god knows when. #throwbackthursday . #throwbackchristmas. #tbbestday .They literally drag it all the way back #throwbackwhenIwasborn.Though I’m still waiting for the day when they will post a pic of their previous birth #tb19thcentury

7.Selfie queen

Now this many might believe coincides with social butterfly but that is really not the case. The selfie queen takes the selfie in the same room in the same pose every freaking day. There is absolutely no change except for the clothes maybe (hopefully?). But this is one account that keeps themselves updated always.

8. Heartbroken sunday

This person has by far the most sad insta life ever. Screenshots of sad quotes and an aura of  unrequited love surrounds this account at all possible times of the day. Well who said Shakespearean tragedies don’t occur online. They are the black and white films in the era of 3D technology!

9.The creepy follower

Full marks to this person for sending follow request to a complete stranger out of the blue. And just in case it is accepted then there are is a queue of likes , comments and equally annoying direct messages. *Blocked maybe*

10. The parent trap

When your parents’ decide to get involved in the online world the people who rejoice the most are your own friends. Ids exchanged and they are devils own best friend. Usually commenting a long line of god bless you , this is one follower who will never unfollow.


Having said all that I believe we can’t always categorize everyone. Read it as it is because all of us are different. And definitely belong to more than one type!


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