Why India needs attitude change at the basic level?

My recent tryst with the authorities to get a simple facility that can be considered a basic amenity left a sour taste in my mouth. This happened on two different days at two very different government offices. So what had I as an innocent educated citizen had done wrong to wait for almost more than half a day to get simple stamp ( Just so you know I still haven’t got it.) ? Who do I blame for it our government ministers or some other person with power and position?

The answer is very simple . The people directly at fault are not somebody high up there but people like just you and me who suffer from a very common generational problem. We lack the very basic sense of humanity to go out there and help somebody and if not that the least we can do is do the job that has actually been given to us and we are paid for it. If everybody does what they are supposed to do without any lagging in time or intent half of this country’s problem would be solved. Some people out there were just so lazy that it seemed like an inherent problem  and this is the real reason. We have seen people before us getting away with it and believe that even people after us can get away.

The only solution to this problem is to bring some sort of discipline and decorum not just in the present education system but also in the occupational fields . Something like delivering your school project on time and making sure its actually done could go a long way in teaching the meaning of TIME. Also making sure that these sort of rules are followed in the government sector as well as private. This might seem childish but when adults start forgetting that they have a responsibility beyond themselves then only children can teach them a thing or two.

It is often mentioned how India could be the next success story in Asia after China but we often forget that China bought the idea that to be successful discipline is a key ingredient ( It also has compulsory 20 day military education for both males and females after certain qualifications). We in India are still struggling to accept the fact we are an undisciplined bunch . What is required is an attitude change where making people aware about how to control themselves  is absolutely essential . We ourselves can change this attitude rather than accept some divine intervention. Moreover self control is even more essential when we absolutely cannot decipher the meaning about” how to behave when in company of humans” . If we just teach ourselves and our children about how to regulate as well as control our own temperament  we would have done a great deal for society.

But what is required above and all is a basic sense of humanity and compassion. When we decide to not harm anyone and believe in good for everyone and not just some particular pieces in society that would be the day we would have really progressed.


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