Why the thumb is winning over the pen ?

WritingThe pen is mightier than the sword” held good in the regal era when people had not yet encountered a strange device ( or devices ) commonly called a mobile. Or a laptop.Computer.Tablet. Or any other thing that makes us connect with the world but makes us lose connection with the person sitting right next to us.

              Recently my father came across a rather unique problem where his thumb and forefinger stopped receiving the same sensation as the rest of his fingers. This was due to overuse of typing rather than writing. But what is it that makes getting instantly connected so wonderous ? Why writing a simple birthday card is a thing of the last generation and midnight text wishes are more in vogue ? The answer lies in a very basic understanding of human psychology .Our need of affiliation is so high that all that matters is number of face book friends we have, followers on twitter and so many other social networking sites even though our dinners might be all alone.We need  to belong to social norms even though they might have been reduced to taking pictures of Saturday night outs and posting them online. Apparently the more likes that you get tells us about how popular you are where as in fact I  believe it is a direct measure of all those online who have nothing better to do on Saturday nights. There is nothing wrong in being present but being overly present where I know your entire day’s schedule is.How about keep calm and do not send me candy crush saga requests!

         The worst scenario is when ” right to freedom ” becomes a reason as well as explanation to be critical or insulting to anyone and everyone online.Its like we start channelling our inner Cruella De Vil  to the whole wide world. When news channels start its own hashtags to shame our national team for losing a match we really know what we are losing. Every right has its responsibility . So the thumb might be getting mightier to get your point across but so are the predicaments. Just because you can does not mean you should. Sometimes taking a step back and re analyzing your position whether online or offline might be a better stand

                   Its not just our thumb that is being over exerted but also our mental skills which our under exerted.How many times have we encountered that friend of ours who says LOL after every joke. For your information abbreviations are commonly used in written language with few specified exceptions for speeches. So please lets just work on these skills to make our conversations less awkward and more sensible both online as well as offline.



  1. This is an amazing post.
    It’s ironic, that I’m typing this comment from my phone (using only my thumbs), but I really wouldn’t mind going back to some form of letter writing. (It’s probably why my blog posts are in the form of letters :-P)

    I still use pens since i can’t take notes in class with a laptop, but the usage is decreasing, definitely.

    It may not be a good thing.


  2. “mobile. Or a laptop,Computer,Tablet. Or any other thing that makes us connect with the world but makes us lose connection with the person sitting right next to us.”very true, sometimes we become so engrossed in our cell phone’s that results in communication barrier ,it make us unable to converse with person sitting right next to us.


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